The clues for traumatic brain injury and damage are in the eyes.

Most head injury victims with severe brain injury end up in the hospital. Yet upwards of 95% of those patients are sent home. Most injury victims see someone like you, a personal injury attorney, who refers them to the appropriate medical specialists, including experts in ophthamological trauma. Traditionally, if clients complain of headaches, concussions, memory difficulties, problems concentrating, or emotional changes they get referred to neurologists. Or, they may see a chiropractor or orthopedic surgeon if they have accompanying back and neck injuries. But, if you drill down and talk to these patients, as Dr. Rauchman does, they almost all have visual complaints such as blurred or tunnel vision. Those visual dysfunctions are frequently missed, which is why they are sent home instead of to the proper doctor for further treatment.

“50% of the healthy brain is working on vision. When the brain is injured, normal vision is one of the first things to go.”

The evidence has been staring us in the face.

Our eyes are the way we interact with the world. The majority of traumatic brain injury patients have difficulty reading and focusing after a head injury or significant whiplash, but nobody ever asks them about these trouble areas. These patients have significant light sensitivity, ocular pain, and at times can have double vision or see spots. Unless you find an eye specialist who is knowledgeable regarding TBI’s most doctors find nothing wrong and these patients are then ignored.

Recently, eye doctors and eye care specialists at VA hospitals have stopped sending veterans home after they complained of eye problems and those professionals started doing research. The research data results revealed that head injury patients had important vision problems. The clues were in the eye exam and the cause was in the brain.

“Cars collide at 60 miles per hour. Human beings were not designed to go from 60 miles per hour to zero in one second. You don’t need to be a neurologist, just watch a crash test dummy in slow motion.”

30+ years of experience.

As an eye physician, surgeon and experienced expert witness, Dr. Rauchman has assisted in dozens of cases to bring hands-on diagnosis, judgements and testimony that support clients who have suffered head and traumatic brain injuries. It’s time we work together to apply this understanding to the betterment of clients who have been injured.

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