Head Hits, Not Concussion, Can Cause Brain Injury

A January 18th, 2018 article from the Washington Post describes recent medical research where head injuries without concussion symptoms can cause brain damage. This is a new finding and an important distinction. The terms “concussion” and “TBI” (traumatic brain injury) often get mixed together. The medical thinking has been that when a person gets hit… Continue Reading

Flashing Lights and Traumatic Brain Injury

Many patients experience flashing lights when they experience significant head trauma. Flashing lights which are transient and well-connected to an immediate episode of head injury are usually of little consequence. Often individuals see stars in front of their eyes or strange visual patterns related to the traumatic episodes. What if unusual visual phenomenon or hallucinations… Continue Reading

Traumatic Brain Injury and Eye Pain

After significant head trauma (TBI), patients frequently complain of eye pain. Interestingly, people complain of eye pain even when there was no direct injury to the eyeball itself. An observer would expect that an eye which was directly injured in a motor vehicle accident by contact with glass, an airbag, or a steering wheel would… Continue Reading

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