Angle Recession Glaucoma and Eye Trauma

This blog most frequently concentrates on subjects that directly link the eye and the brain. However, head and facial trauma can involve direct injury to the eye. Automobile accidents can cause direct trauma to the face. In particular, airbag deployment can prevent fatal brain injury but often cause eye injuries. This has been documented in… Continue Reading

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

I have previously addressed a variety of brain imaging technologies useful in the diagnosis traumatic brain injury (TBI). Standard CT scans and MRI scans of the brain have significant limitations. Single photon emission computed tomography ( SPECT) can measure functional abnormalities of the brain by assessing cerebral blood flow. Standard studies take static pictures and… Continue Reading

Cyclosporine and Traumatic Brain Injury

Cyclosporine was first discovered in 1969 and was isolated from a fungus. The drug was immediately recognized to have tremendous immuno-suppressive properties and was put to work treating organ transplant patients facing tissue rejection. Since that time it has had numerous other clinical applications. There has been continued interest in Cyclosporine as a potential treatment… Continue Reading

Woodpeckers and Traumatic Brain Injury

So, one purpose of this blog is to get us to think and have fun. So imagine an animal that beats its head into a tree numerous times with significant force and velocity, every day. The woodpecker has a brain, and it gets slammed around quite a bit, but it adapts to this life. It… Continue Reading


• TBI MedLegal Conference, San Diego, CA – February 2018 • PI Expert Institute & Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium (Seminar Speaker), Los Angeles, CA – March 2018 • North American Brain Injury Society, Houston, TX – March 2018 • 8th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, Washington, DC – May 2018 • 12th Annual National Summit… Continue Reading

Whiplash and Visual Symptoms

Approximately half of whiplash victims have problems with vision. These are not necessarily patients with head injury or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)- these are patients who experience what is termed in medicine “whiplash associated disorder” (WAD). As you know I am an ophthalmologist, so I read the most prestigious peer-reviewed academic journal: Ophthalmology, The Journal… Continue Reading

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